Sunday Morning Greek Blog

February 21, 2011

Welcome to Sunday Morning Greek Blog

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The Sunday Morning Greek Blog is a record of my thoughts as I fulfill my 2011 New Year’s resolution to read through the entire Greek New Testament. After teaching it for many years and translating various large sections of it (Romans 1-8 and Ephesians were my biggest projects), I figured it was time to just “read” the text. I do have an interlinear open to help with less-frequent vocabulary, but I’m already finding, after almost two months, that even some of those less-frequent words are becoming familiar.

It has been an amazing journey so far. I started “blogging” in the Facebook notes section, but I’ve had such a great response that I decided to move it to a more publicly accessible location. I have copied my first few blogs from Facebook onto this site so that those who are new to my blog can catch up.

I’m new at this whole blogging thing, so if you see anything that could be improved (including my scholarship!), don’t hesitate to speak up.

Again, welcome. Ασπάζω.

Scott Stocking

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